Friday, January 30, 2009

Waterville Valley, NH

photo of Waterville Valley, NHEvery now and then, I take "throwaway" pictures that turn out to be among my favorites. This scene of Waterville Valley, NH, which was taken from a cross-country ski trail in February, 2005, is one such shot; I just happened to be finishing up my skiing for the day when I came to this outlook along one of the lower trails near the village. I took a very quick black and white photo (it was cold out), put my camera away and my gloves back on, and forgot about the picture, until I looked at it a day or two later. It is tough not to take a good picture in scenic Waterville Valley, but this one was purely an accident.

For a larger version of this photo, go to the Waterville Valley, NH photo on the Travel Guide of America site.

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